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This webinar is designed to help Telcos foresee fraud in DCB and act upon with a predictive mindset.

While fraudsters try to employ unethical tactics, such as unauthorized DCB charges to wrongfully profit from unsuspecting individuals, telcos operators deal with the challenges in reputation, security, regulatory concerns, revenue loss and churn.

During this webinar, Louise Ford, Managing Director at Empello (Anti-Fraud for Mobile Payments, VAS & DCB solution provider) will shed a light into the current DCB fraud challenges, trends and predictions, with a deeper focus on advertising related fraud and technical payment fraud.

The session will end with a roundtable discussion for which participants are asked to reflect on the questions below in order to facilitate a fruitful discussion:

  1. How big a concern is DCB fraud for you in your business, relative to other challenges? Is it high on your list, or not really an issue?
  2. We see significant higher levels of advertising and payment fraud in other regions than Europe. What do you think are the factors that make DCB fraud less prevalent in Europe than the middle east, Latin America or Asia?
  3. Do you think that DCB fraud is related to other forms of Telco Fraud and is it part of a bigger picture of fraudulent activity in the Telco space?
  4. What do you think we could do as an industry to better tackle DCB Fraud and the sources of it?

Our goal is to bring as many experts around Europe into the call, so feel free to extend this invitation to colleagues internally as well as put those you know in other European MNOs in touch with Ruxandra Cioban at

Telco participants from other ETIS Working Groups are also invited to join.

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